You are Divine. You are Sacred. You are Love and Wisdom personified. Your soul knows this. Your mind has forgotten. My work aims to remind you.

My Story

Hello, and welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Jennifer Albin. I am a mystic, compulsive coffee drinker, mother to three amazing boys,  and wife to one of the most beautiful souls to walk this Earth. I am also the artist/owner behind Soul Whisper Arts. Although, I have gotten my hands messy with various art mediums since childhood, I fell in love with mixed-media art in 2011 and I haven't looked back!  I now paint because it helps me connect with and make sense of my inner world. In addition to that, you should probably know that I am am a super firm believer that Love conquers all, that the heart of Life is in fact awesomely  good, and that Art heals on some really deep levels.

I didn't always believe these things though. It took a long journey toward healing. And that  journey began in earnest, when the father of my children passed away 15 years ago. I was twenty one at the time. My boys were four and six. I had been in and out of rehab since the age of fifteen and he had always been there to pick up the slack. I didn't have to change if he was around to gather the pieces. Suddenly he wasn't and I had to get my life together. I was now all my boys had. Those first six months were a blur. I was raw and I struggled.

There is a moment in those early days that stands out as a turning point. It was during a woman’s therapy group I was in. The woman across from me addressed me and was able to verbalize everything I was feeling and couldn't say…the hurt, the loss, the grief…all of it. She provided a sacred mirror. I was heard, understood, seen…Loved…by other women.

It was the first time I felt and knew I was not alone on this walk home. There were the women ahead of me who carried the torch when I fumbled in the dark. Then there were those women who worked right alongside me, in those circles, to peel away the layers of shame and fear we had accumulated voluntarily and involuntarily as we walked through life. They changed my life and I am forever grateful.

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