October Bundle Box Ponderings...

I've been thinking a lot about the theme for October's bundle box. It seems as soon as I ship them out, it's time to begin all over again and I must say i really love the pace of it all and the way these boxes come together, which brings me to this month's bundle. 

I  wanted to simplify things for myself when I decided to create my monthly bundles  and i didn't just want to create art for art's sake. I wanted to create pieces that would adorn your walls and journal pages, but I also wanted to offer inspiration, food for thought, and insight. I decided each month would have a theme and since my art is a direct result of internal work, I decided the theme for each month would be related to whatever I was working on at the time. 


I've decided October's box will focus on "Truth" since It's a word I've been turning over in my head a lot lately.

Because  I Grew up in a home with alcoholism, addiction, and secrets, truth has not been something that has come easy for me. As a child, I took on distorted truths that weren't mine to take on and I learned how to lie to survive . Peeling back years of that stuff away has not been easy, but I've learned it can be done, one layer at a time, with a lot of courage, honesty, and a circle of support. 

when I think about Truth lately, i realize that I know what it's like to live my life based on other people's truths...that i am inherently flawed, that I am a mistake and need to work my way back to forgiveness and Love...all the messages I heard as a child...all the messages i have been discarding...which leaves space for something new.

the question that my soul keeps whispering to me is  "what if you lived your life based on a different kind of truth? what if every decision you made was based on this thought...that you are a good person worthy of love and respect, That there is no working your way back to that because it is your birthright as a child of god? What would life look that from that perspective?"


so in the next few weeks I'll be exploring just that as I create the content for this month's bundle boxes. I will be filling your boxes with whispers of truth from my soul to yours. 

You are a chid of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.
— Desiderata