I'm Teaching in "Paint Your Heart And Soul 2017"!


I’m very excited to let you know that I’m teaching in a brand new course: Paint your Heart and Soul 2017, hosted by our fellow artist Olga Furman from OlgaFurmanArt.com. The “Paint Your Heart and Soul 2017” is a year-long collaborative course with 17 other amazing teachers, mostly concentrated on Portraiture and Figurative Story Telling, narrative art. By joining this course you will learn to create art in different styles as well as use a variety of different mediums and other art supplies. The course is for beginners and for experienced artists, both will find it effective and inspirational. 

I’m especially excited about this opportunity because this course’s theme is something that is especially important to me and represented in my art...using color and images to tell my story...to share my heart and my soul whispers with the world.  

Here is the amazing group of artists i'll be teaching with! Can you feel my excitement?!?!?

Guys, I remember when I first decided I wanted to teach others how to find healing through art, the way that I did. I would tell my husband "one day i'm going to be a part of one of those grid pics of teachers, in all these amazing classes I see". I still feel like a little kid when I see these promo pics because it is the realization of a dream come true!   I hope you'll join us on this amazing year long journey! 

Registration is open and early bird pricing is available. click the link below to take advantage of this sweet deal.

I seriously Can not wait to begin creating with you guys and to express my gratitude at being part of this amazing team, I am giving away a spot in "Paint your heart and soul 2017". How freaking cool is that? be sure to Follow me on Instagram for give-away details. Winner will be announced on November 26th, 2016.  

Until next time...