Updates Galore!

So here we in are mid-june and i haven't updated the blog since April. I am really working on getting better with that. until then, i wanted to give you guys an update on the happenings at soul whisper arts. 

For starters, I have been making dolls; lots and lots of dolls and its been bringing me lots and lots of joy.   It is absolutely amazing to witness the love they have been recieving and the homes they are flying off too.  

Here a few of the sweet little ones that have gone off to new homes! 

Original paper clay art dolls by Jennifer Albin, 2016

I've also been busy filming and writing the content for my new online class, "Paper clay dolls". registration is now open and the "classroom"opens July 11th.  register here.

The workshop will be online, self-paced, and participants will have access to ll the class content once the workshop begins! 

to say that I am excited about this workshop is an understatement. it has taken me a while to get to a place where I feel confident enough to share it with others. and here we are! I feel excited, i feel nervous, but most of all, i feel proud of my willingness to keep showing up and putting my heart  out there, despite the fear and anxiety. it would feel worse never trying and always wondering.

I'm also excited to share about another project I've been working on bringing you guys and if you follow me on IG (my absolute favorite social network community) then you might have an idea... Soul Whisper Bundle boxes!

what is a "soul whisper bundle box" you ask? A soul whisper bundle box is a box filled with art goodies created to inspire and assist you in listening to your "soul whispers".

centered around art journaling, each box will contain an original miniature work of art (think mini art dolls, small paintings...you get the idea), a soul whisper prompt card (beautiful, Matte, hand-embellished 5x7 cards with art on the front and a written journal prompt on the back), collage sheet, soul whisper message heart, and other art journal goodies.

I will be creating the items each month and as a result, have limited them to 10 each month to ensure that i can create amazing packages for you guys each month. They won't require a subscription. each month I'll create 10 boxes and they'll become available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis. if you'd like first dibs on these, subscribe for email updates to be the first to know when each month's box is available for purchase. Sign up is  HERE. and i promise no spam or junk mail, just an email once a month letting you know the bundle boxes are available.

I think that's it for tonight's updates. I hope to be back later this week to share some pics of all the magic I'm working on over here. 

~Good night 


And here is a nifty link to my new Paper clay workshop.. :0)