Spring has finally arrived...

I looked back on my blog today and realized the last time I posted was in October of 2015. It's amazing how the passage of time can change one's outlook and perspective. A lot has happened since I wrote that last post. I've spent that last few months sorting it out and trying to find myself again. And I think I have finally been able to thread some beautiful pieces together from the mess that the last few months have wrought.

I am so very grateful. 

One of those beautiful pieces is my participation in the online Spring Auction with Stephanie Gagos beginning April 6th...14 days filled with one of a kind art from 21 different artists! And she included me!!!

The Spring Online Art Auction with Stephanie Gagos April 6th-20th 2016

The Spring Online Art Auction with Stephanie Gagos April 6th-20th 2016

I'm sure you can understand my excitement when Stephanie asked me to return again for her Spring Auction.I was part of the Handmade Holiday Auction in early December of 2015 and it was successful beyond my wildest dreams! My art found new homes and I made some wonderful new connections with some amazing artists !  Being a part of this loving and talented group of artists, and throwing myself into the preparation for this event, has helped me heal to begin to mend both physically and spiritually. It was exactly what my heart needed.   

I am so excited to share some the art I will have for auction.I created lots and lots of art dolls for this auction, as well as some new original paintings. I would love to hear what you think so leave a comment! 

And If you'd like to join us of the auction just click HERE!

Have a wonderful weekend!