first e- course!


I am finally doing it! My first online course! I am so excited to share it with you guys.

Its was really important for my first e-course to be not only about learning to make something new, but about creating something with intention, something that would serve as a tool for healing and inspiration. And I thought  an art doll class would be perfect!

In this class, I will be teaching you to make two versions of my fiber wrapped dolls. I will walk you through creating the face and teach you my technique for creating the body from materials you probably already have in your craft stash! 

The part that excites me the most about sharing this class with you all is being able to witness the magic that each of you will create. I'd like to think of the dolls we will be making in this class as little totems. We will be infusing them with intention and energy as we create them. They will serve as sweet reminders of what we want to bring to fruition in our lives.  

The cost for the class will be $55. Registration opens 6/10/15 and class starts 7/1/15. Woohoo! Stay tuned for more details!