The Well Within

I can't believe how much time has passed since my last blog post. There has been a lot of art created and many lessons learned in between, which brings me to the topic of this post..the well within. 

One of the things I've struggled with as an artist is the so called "dry spell". I hate it and dread it and the reason I call it "so called" is because I am slowly learning it really doesn't exist. 

Heres how it usually works for me. I will make a lot of art for a week or two. Then one day I will walk in to my studio {insert cricket sound here} and nothing. I will feel no inspiration. I look at my paint and canvases and feel nothing. I look over at the paper clay and feel nothing. I glance over at my journals and guess what? That's right, NOTHING. Or I'll paint something and despise it. Then I'll walk back into my house and boo hoo at my husband about how I suck, how I'm not cut out to be an artist, blah blah blah.

This can last for a week or two. And it isn't any fun. It feels like I'm suddenly locked out of my own "secret garden". And then one day I'll walk back in the studio and it's all better. I'll paint something I like and I swear I can see the heavens open up and hear the angels sing. 

This time I had a moment of clarity though. I  remembered the words, my life coach Stephanie Gagos, used to say to help me reframe these so called "dry spells". She would call it "percolating"  and would encourage me to honor my creative "percolating" process.

If you know anything about me, you know I am a coffee freak. "Percolating" was the perfect word to help begin the reframing I needed this time. 

I remembered in my talks with Stephanie learning that "percolating" for me happens after weeks of pouring out art.

The art I make is deeply personal. It's my way of working out the happenings in my internal world. It's energy sapping stuff and sometimes the creative well needs some time to refill and heat up. Sometimes it takes hours and sometimes it takes a few days. This doesn't means it's gone. It just means I need to recharge.  

So here's how I approached the impending "dry spell" I felt coming on earlier this week, because I really didn't feel like going through the bs AGAIN. 

It began the same way. I painted lots of stuff, I made lots of dolls, and then I walked into the studio and felt nothing. I began the descent into the "I suck" madness but this time I didn't stay there.

Instead, I decided to honor my "percolating" time (instead of beating myself up for it) and worked in an art journaling workshop by Mindy Lacefield. Switching my focus to learning something new helped me continue to feel proactive. 

I also took time to play and experiment, which involves not being afraid to make shitty art. It was a push and I learned I really do have a problem with this. I think this is what's really behind the "dry spell" bull....fear to take risks and push myself. 

It's seems that art has a way of doing that to me. Pushing me to dig deeper. The whole creative process also mirrors how I approach life. In what other areas do I distract myself with "the I'm not good enough"' tapes in my head, and label it something esle (i.e dry spell) rather than pushing myself to try something I haven't before? 

Maybe the well doesn't need refilling. Maybe it's always full. Maybe this is all about a nudge from Spirit to push my art and my resistance.  Who knows? I have time to sort that out. Either way, the "dry spell"'doesn't exist and that makes me a happy girl. 

Here is my latest piece... "The Well Within" inspired by my latest soul searching. I hope she conveys my joy and reminds you that we all have a well inside, gifted by our Creator, full of love and creativity, waiting to be tapped into. The best part? It never runs "dry".  



"The Well Within" 16x20 on stretched canvas, original art by Jennifer Albin. 

"The Well Within" 16x20 on stretched canvas, original art by Jennifer Albin. 

She will be listed in the shop this weekend, but if she calls to you and you'd like to give her a home before then, feel free to shoot me an email at $225 plus ship.  Payment plans for paintings over $200 are available. 

Have a great weekend guys!