Rubbing it in.

Original art by Jennifer Albin 2015.  

Original art by Jennifer Albin 2015.  

It's been an incredible week to say the least and I'm realizing that when incredible moments happen, I need to take more time to really let them sink in. 

When I was a counselor I would make my clients rub their hearts when they heard something positive about themselves or experienced someone being kind to them. As addicts, it wasn't something they were accustomed to and it felt uncomfortable.  They thought it was silly at first but it would slowly become habit. The symbolic act of rubbing the love into their hearts helped them internalize what they were hearing, seeing and feeling. We'd call it "rubbing it in". 

It's something I myself need to remember to do. And sharing it here is my way of beginning to celebrate and take in those amazing moments. 

Sometimes I get into moods where I find myself asking why paint? What's the point? Even though I know the answer, there are times when I struggle. There are times when I think the art I make sucks. And then there are times when the Universe says "LISTEN!!!"

Tuesday was one of those days.

I had a visit at the studio form two women who had found my work through The Treehouse, a shop in New Paltz, NY that carries some of my work. They drove and hour and a half to come see me and view my work. 

I need to take that in. They believed that I was worth the ride. That's hard for me to take in but I have my hand to my heart and I'm rubbing it in. 

We talked, we connected and we cried. They told me that my work had an impact on them.

They took home pieces to inspire their little grand daughters as they grow. 

I need to take that in.  

And once again I have my hand to my heart and I'm rubbing. 

Because THAT is why I paint.  

Another moment to take in is the October/November issue of Heart And Soul Magazine.

Guess who's in it? That's right! THIS GIRL. 

I'm pinching myself and marveling at how it all came to be.

Here is the short story.  

Last spring I donated a painting to "SUTC Dancing With The Teachers", our local middle school's annual cancer fundraising event. I also made art dolls to be added to the swag bags for the celebrity judges at the event. 

One of those dolls ended up in the hands of celebrity judge Yvonna Kopacz Wright. You may recognize her as Dr. Darby Wilder on Law and Order: SVU.  

She loved her doll and my work and suggested we meet. 

I was able to meet with her and her sister, Anita Kopacz, author and editor- in-chief of Heart and Soul Magazine. After a meeting filled with more connection and tears,they invited to share my story and art. 

Here is a preview. 

Featured in Oct./Nov. issue of "Heart and Soul" magazine !!! 

Featured in Oct./Nov. issue of "Heart and Soul" magazine !!! 


I am crying as I type this because I'm imagining the little girl who was never quite sure about her place in the world. I'm holding her close and whispering "we're finding our way. We're loved and supported. Rub it in, little one, rub it in."