Because Art Heals...The Story of The Dream Keeper

I've been having a hard time staying positive the last few days. I understand there are ebbs and flows to running one's own creative biz but sometimes are harder than others. 

I've planned and cancelled two local workshops due to lack of registration and I may be on my way to canceling a third. 

A little voice says "maybe you shouldn't post that; it doesn't sound very successful.  Image, image, image". 

Today I really could care less. I need to speak from my truth. 

This art biz shit is hard. It constantly kicks up my stuff and makes me look my fears in the face. 

I wonder why I stick to it. I wonder why I don't go back to counseling.   I wonder how my family deals with it all. 

I thought about resilience and childhood dreams and how when we are little anything seems possible.  

And I realized that I stick and stay with this art thing because there is a part of me that knows anything really is possible and that if I keep creating from my heart everything will fall into place, even if I can't see the picture clearly.

I believe we all have her inside of us...a Dream Keeper.

I created this little one below as a reminder. My way of working out the feelings of failure and the negative noise in my head this weekend.

She was part of a very special Facebook auction to help a survivor of trauma.

My prayer is the she serves as a reminder to someone else. 

Original paper clay art doll  by Jennifer Albin, 2015. 

Original paper clay art doll by Jennifer Albin, 2015. 

Here is her story and what she comes to teach: 

"The Dream Keeper...We all have one deep inside...if we allow ourselves the silence, we can feel her....our Dream Keeper. She is untouched by the fears and limitations that hold us back. She knows they are illusions easily brushed away with the swipe of hand. She also knows that we are not always fully aware of our power to realize our dreams. She always knows and she waits quietly keeping our dreams safe in her nest. The bird in her nest is her is the bird she sends to whisper in your ear...keep going, don't stop before the dream becomes reality".