Whats In My Bag?

I thought this would be a helpful post for some.

When I first began art journaling the last thing I wanted to do was stop. Ever. I wanted to have my hands messy all the time. 

So one of my life's goals became to create a small art journal kit I could take on the road with me.  

The problem was I brought EVERYTHING.

Needless to say it was a pain in the ass lugging that thing around. And I would often end up too overwhelmed with the packing and unpacking of my art bag to create anything. 

Fast forward a few years later and I think I've figured out what works for me.  In order to successfully accomplish this I had to figure out 3 things: 

1. What were the supplies that were the most diverse in use?  

2. Which ones did I turn to often? 

3. What type of "art on the go"  did I want to create?  

The first two questions were relatively easy to figure out.

The third question was a bit harder.

As a self taught artist, I relied heavily on stamps, paper, stencils and collage. I was scared to draw.   

But I wanted to create art I loved with simple supplies. And that requires pushing myself to draw. 

So I decided to keep it simple.  

By the time I attempted to put together another "art journal travel kit" I had already figured out I can't live without water soluble crayons, my stabilo marks all, and my pens. I decided to build from there. 

  1. 3 journals...midori and 2 moleskine sketch books 
  2. My pen roll...white gel pen, white Pitt paint marker, black Pitt pen, black fude ball pen, water brush, stabilo pencil, pencil sharpener
  3. water soluble crayons  
  4. water color pencils  
  5. sketching pencils/blender  
  6. pouch of acrylic/water colors  
  7. pre-cut book pages  
  8. assorted stickers
  9. baby wipes  

I try to pack supplies things that are versatile and small. For now it seems to be working. 

   Here's an art journal page I created while on my break at work


Here's an art journal page I created while on my break at work

I will keep you guys updated as to how this works continues to workout for me!