The "Brave Heart" Box


So after today's earlier post, I thought about what I needed to soothe the little girl in me and quiet the  shitty committee in my head so that I could move forward bravely (at least for today) in living this creative life. It came to me while I was in the shower, where I seem to do my best thinking.

I thought to myself, why not make something that could be carried around and pulled out when you're not feeling so brave? I've made what I call "little pockets of hope" but I wanted to make a version that would remind me that deep down inside there was a courageous warrior with a Brave Heart. I'm not taking about the type of bravery it takes to fight a bull or jump from a plane. I'm talking about the quiet bravery that helps us put one foot in front of the other when we don't know how we are going to make it through another day. I'm talking about the kind of bravery that tells us we can when the world tells us we can't. I think you know the kind I'm talking about.

So today I offer this little box of "Brave", this talisman to you. A talisman is defined as "anything whose presence exercises a remarkable or powerful influence on human feelings or actions". Kinda cool right? 


This tiny hand painted matchbox contains the following:

Star: To remind you you are made of Stardust

A"Brave" Heart: For when yours is not feeling so brave

A Rubber band: To help you stretch beyond your limits

A paper clip: To help you keep it all together when you think you can't anymore

An Angel: To remind you that you have Angels watching over you

A key: To remind you that the key to your happiness is always in your hands

I hope that you enjoy today's offering for Day 3 of 200! To claim this "Brave Heart" Box, leave your email in the comments section and I will send you a Paypal invoice. Price for today is $3.00 plus shipping.

Have a great Saturday guys!