My first Soul Whisper Arts Give-Away!

Happy Friday guys!!! I am having my first give-away and I am really excited. It's my way of saying thank you to my followers on Instagram. I have been really active on there since 2012, initially posting pics here and there of my art journal pages. Eventually I grew braver and began to share even more of my art.  Instagram is where I've found support and community... from the likes and encouraging comments to the inspiration I find on my feed on a daily basis. It all makes a difference. Because of my followers, it's where I've most felt at home sharing my work in terms of social networking.

I really do believe that art is an extremely personal process and that sharing the results of that process is kind of like turning yourself inside out for others to see. My followers on Instagram have made it really easy to do that.

So I'd really like to say thank you by offering a little bundle of awesomeness from my heart to yours. Here it goes:

photo (3).JPG

1. 8x10 matted print of YOUR choice

2. Soul Whisper Arts tile pendant (silver)

3. Hand painted journal

4. Soul Whisper Arts Ipad Mini case

So you're probably asking yourself...How do I enter this fabulous give-away? Well, it's pretty easy guys! Simply subscribe to my blog and leave a comment below. That's it. 

And I promise you won't receive anything spammy in your email inbox. You will however be updated when there's a new blog post. And I promise they will be loaded with awesome eye-candy and lots of inspiration!

The give-away will be running from today through to Friday, October 10th, 2014. The winner will be announced on the Blog on Saturday, October 11th! Good luck guys!