Original Art by Jennifer Albin 2012

I have finally decided, after much hesitation and soul searching, to bite the bullet and blog. At first I wasn't really sure why I've resisted for so long but here I am. My name is Jennifer, I am a 36 year old wife, mother of 3 boys, and ARTIST/owner at Soul Whisper Arts. I felt the need to put that in caps because part of what the resistance to this blog has been about has been claiming my truth, my space as an artist...owning my gift. Even as I type this I feel strange. The shitty commitee in my head immediately chimes in and asks "who are to you to call yourself an artist? What gift?" Just for today I've decided to tell them to kick rocks. Today I am an artist. And I may even post a picture of my art! See left :o) Take that, shitty commitee!

Back to why I am here and what this blog will be about. First it will be about my art, my creative process and how it helps me learn about myself and grow. I'll also be sharing bits of my life and adventures facing my fears and starting a creative biz.I'll also be sharing about other female entrepenuers and artists that motivate and inspire me. 

 I've lerned that in order to fully step into my truth, I will need witnesses and community. This is a first step in beginning to develop that (take that again, commitee!). Won't you join me?