"Wisdom Keeper Series: Rose" (Mixed Media Art Doll)

"Wisdom Keeper Series: Rose" (Mixed Media Art Doll)


This "Wisdom Keeper" has whispered to me that her name is Rose. She has traveled far, from the inner recesses of the heart, to remind you that Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain. She carries a blank book in her bag, waiting to be filled by you. It symbolizes the wisdom we acquire as we journey through life. She whispers… “embrace it all because it has made you who you are”.

This Wisdom Keeper was created using a variety of mediums which include paper clay, wire, wood, yarn, and fabric. Her miniature book was created with watercolor paper and is fully functional. She is handpainted with acrylic paints and sealed. Her hair is created with yarn and adorned with a paper rose.

Rose stands a 10 inches tall. She will arrive signed and ready to bring inspiration to any space.


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